Almost 1,000 Buckingham homes and businesses hit by power cut

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Almost 1,000 homes and businesses across Buckingham were hit by a power cut yesterday afternoon.

Network operator Western Power Distribution said 970 properties were hit by a power cut at 5.38pm.

After the network was rerouted, all properties affected had their power restored by 6.34pm, the network operator said.

Some homes also reported problems with their water supply.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said: “There was a power outage at Foscote which took out a number of our pumps. That meant water supply pressure dropped or went off completely for around 3,000 properties between 6.30pm and 9.30pm.

The power went out between 5.30pm and 6pm but it took time for the pressure to drop and to come back again.

“We are sorry for the impact on customers, particular at that time when people are planning to cook dinner.

“But unfortunately there wasn’t much we could do other than get it up an running as a quickly as possible.

“This situation is a rarity, but we are genuinely sorry for the impact.”