Ambulance staff now trained for ‘hot zone’

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A NEW Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) has went into operation across the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust area on Monday.

HARTs are specially recruited and trained ambulance personnel who provide the ambulance service response to major incidents involving hazardous materials, or environments.

The launch marked the culmination of more than a year of hard work and training to bring for staff.

HART brings paramedics into the ‘hot zone’ of an incident, where traditionally they wouldn’t be allowed, in order to provide triage, treatment and care to patients. Prior to this, members of other emergency services would have had to retrieve patients from the ‘hot zone’ and bring them to ambulance personnel in the safe area.

Ambulance service spokesman John Dyer said: “As ambulance staff, we have always prided ourselves on the level of care we give our patients. But we have always had to stop at the edge of any area considered too hazardous by the fire and rescue service. With this latest equipment and training, HART staff are now able to work safely alongside emergency service colleagues to bring high-quality care to patients, wherever they may be.”