Andrea knows what women want

MCBW - 28-11-11 - Andrea Leadsom - with green fields for october column
MCBW - 28-11-11 - Andrea Leadsom - with green fields for october column

There is lots of talk in the press at the moment about ‘what women want’. I’ve thought a great deal about what I want as a ‘politician’ – more bank competition, less EU control, scrap HS2, more localism, fewer useless wind turbines, but specifically as a ‘woman’ here’s three things I wish for:

1. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to make the internet ‘safe’ for my children. I want to be able to opt out of suicide, self harming, pornographic and violent sites on all my home appliances. And it must be easy to set up.

2. Decent jobs for my children when they finish their education. With a million young people not in education, employment or training, we are losing a generation. Apprenticeships, part time training while working, but above all else, getting rid of the red tape that stops businesses expanding are priorities. And 60% of the red tape comes from the EU, so they are firmly in my sights.

3. More support for elderly carers. If you are working and caring for an elderly person, you get a carer’s allowance. But amazingly, if you retire on a state pension and carry on caring, the carers allowance is stopped.

Carer’s save the taxpayer a fortune and I’m sure scrapping the allowance on retirement is ending up costing us dearly, as people turn to social services instead.

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