Anger over teacher’s knife and fork jibe

Maids Moreton School headteacher Keira Ainsworth (centre)
Maids Moreton School headteacher Keira Ainsworth (centre)

Parents are up in arms after a primary school headteacher told a national newspaper children at the school did not know how to use a knife and fork.

According to The Times, headteacher of Maids Moreton C of E School, Keira Ainsworth, said children eating school lunches are unable to use cutlery and are more used to eating finger food in front of the television.

Maids Moreton mum Helen Venn, whose son Edward attends the school, said many parents were offended and upset by the comments.

Mrs Venn told the Advertiser: “There are a lot of parents who are up in arms.

“It’s saying she thinks the parents don’t teach their children to use cutlery, and stick their children in front of the TV with finger food.

“It’s not nice being lined up to be the butt of that by the headteacher of your child’s school. It leaves a bad taste.”

Mrs Venn said applications for next year’s primary school places are currently going in and this could put parents off.

“If I was a prospective parent at the moment, I would want that bringing to my attention because that’s indicative of how she thinks of parents,” she said.

Mrs Venn and her husband Tim are writing to Miss Ainsworth and the governors, and she believes many other parents are doing likewise.

She said: “We think she’s brought the school into disrepute and it’s distasteful.”

Miss Ainsworth and the chair of governors declined to comment.