Another 20 weeks of misery for motorists?

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Roadworks misery for motorists could continue right up until Christmas after work that should have been completed by next week has been extended.

And a pedestrian crossing, intended to see children safely on their way to school, is now unlikely to be built, a county councillor has said.

The road widening and realignment works are being carried out at Buckingham’s Tesco roundabout as part of the infrastructure for the 700-home Windsor Park/Lace Hill development on London Road.

Originally, the work, which began in January, was scheduled to take 30 weeks.

But this week eagle-eyed readers noticed that the Bucks County Council (BCC) sign has been amended to ‘50 weeks’.

A BCC spokesman said the contractor, Aggregate Industries, has been beset by delays caused by prolonged and heavy rain at the start of the year, technical changes to the plans and installation delays by utility companies.

The spokesman said: “All this now means that the completion date has been extended to October/November. It is anticipated that the work will be completed within the additional period indicated on the information boards.

“A detailed schedule is being drawn up by the developers for presentation to BCC by the end of August. BCC will ensure that this programme is kept to and any further delays are minimised.

“As the reasons for the delay were reasonable and at times out of the control of the developers, no financial penalties are being imposed.

“BCC and the developers apologise for any extra inconvenience this may cause.”

County councillor for Buckingham Robin Stuchbury told the Advertiser a toucan crossing, that was due to be installed on London Road between Windsor Park and Tesco is now in doubt.

Mr Stuchbury said the crossing was a precondition of Tesco’s planning approval for an extension and, if not built during the current roadworks, it cannot be put in for another three years.

He said: “Once the roadworks are finished, there will be a three-year moratorium on future works.

He said: “The county and the contractors were willing to let Tesco’s works take place during the current roadworks. They’ve said yes, and then at the 11th hour they’ve said, we’re not ready to do it yet. This is not the fault of BCC or the contractors, it’s been the fault of Tesco. I question whether they will ever do it. It seems there isn’t going to be a crossing for Tesco.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We are currently liaising with Bovis Homes to arrange for the toucan crossing to be installed as part of their larger package of works. We hope to agree the details in the next few weeks and will be sure to keep the local community informed.”