Apology for Winslow parking fees article dubbed ‘grossly misleading’

Greyhound Lane carpark in Winslow.'100729M-C610
Greyhound Lane carpark in Winslow.'100729M-C610

AYLESBURY Vale District Council (AVDC) has apologised for an article dubbed “factually incorrect and grossly misleading” by Winslow’s mayor.

Llew Monger said he was “shocked and dismayed” to read a story in the July edition of the Aylesbury Vale Times, indicating that the charging of parking fees in the town was going ahead.

Last week we reported Mr Monger saying he was “hopeful of a positive outcome” to the town’s long-running stand-off with AVDC over parking charges, following a meeting with AVDC leader John Cartwright and the director responsible Tracey Aldworth.

But this week, an article in the Aylesbury Vale Times free newsletter, published by AVDC, read: “Residents living in the High Street... have been offered a reduced-cost permit to park there of just £52 a year.”

A furious Mr Monger said: “No final decision has been made on parking charges in Winslow.”

Ms Aldworth said: “The article that appeared in the Aylesbury Vale Times refers to an order we published earlier in the year, suggesting that a resident permit might cost £52 if parking charges were introduced in Greyhound Lane. However, since then we have been in further discussions with residents and Winslow Town Council and the ultimate decision has yet to be made. We apologise if the publication of this article has made it appear that the issue had been concluded, when this is not the case.”