App designer’s new life after battle with depression

Richard Williams
Richard Williams

A Brackley man who left his job of 20 years to develop mobile applications has spoken of how his battle with depression led him into a new career.

Richard Williams, 40, of Pebble Lane, Brackley, worked in product development designing entertainment systems for cars with Land Rover at their plant in Gaydon until 2012.

I feel like I have taken charge of my future”

Richard Williams

But even then, the father of one said he knew something was wrong: “It had been building up for up for several months,” Mr Williams said. “I realised that something wasn’t right in my head and one point driving to work I just broke down.”

A trip to the GP’s surgery revealed that Mr Williams was suffering from depression with his career direction part, after which he decided it was time to might a radical change.

“It was a great job with a great company but I was just that I had a sense I wanted to express my creative side.In the end I resigned from Land Rover. I got to the point where I felt I was letting everyone down all the time.”

Seeking a new career in the creative industries Mr Williams, who lives on Pebble Lane, enrolled in a Higher National Diploma course in creative media production at Banbury and Bicester College. There he took an interest in mobile applications and for his final project designed an app aiming to help children develop literacy skills.

“When I started I didn’t have the first idea how to do it,” said Mr Wiliams. But I read about the subject and I gradually taught myself more.

“I got the idea as I volunteer to read at my daughter Megan’s school.”

Now Mr Williams has produced eight apps and is working towards devoting all his time to his fledgling business, with the support of his wife Susan, 45, a logistics coordinator.

As well as educational tools he has produced Bouncy Boris and Friends. This satirical game is similar to Angry Birds and allows players fire ‘Boris J’, ‘Dave C’ and ‘Lord John’ into targets while avoiding enemies, bombs and other hazards.

“It has been quite refreshing really and I feel like I have taken charge of my future. I had never had much confidence in lots of ways and now I am doing something I want to do and pro-active ly learning more and more.

“And if I had one message to people it would be to go for help like I did. I would never talk about my depression with my friends but when I eventually talked it through they were really supportive. “

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