Appeal to help little Binny find a home

Binny the puppy with Annabelle Pottle at Ardley Rescue Kennels.
Binny the puppy with Annabelle Pottle at Ardley Rescue Kennels.
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The RSPCA is searching for people who forced a puppy through a narrow opening in a waste bin in Bicester last week.

Bin man John Cobb was out on his round last Thursday when he noticed something unusual in a layby just north of Bicester.

Mr Cobb said: “I got to my first bins in Buckingham Road at about 7.40am.

“I emptied the first one, then as I opened the second I saw some movement.

“On closer inspection I realised it was a dog. The poor thing was clearly very scared but I didn’t want to just reach in as I didn’t know whether it would bite.

“I tipped the bin on its side then did my best to coax it out. It resisted at first but eventually I managed to get it to come out of there.”

The Staffordshire bull terrier cross, wearing a collar, had been forced through a small opening in the bin, along with his lead and a blanket.

The dog – dubbed Binny – was then taken to Ardley Rescue Kennels where he was given a bath and breakfast.

Kennel trustee Annabelle Pottle said: “He’s only a puppy, we’d estimate somewhere between 12 and 16 weeks old. When he was brought in he was bleeding from his feet, around the claws, which is most likely from him scratching to get out of the bin.

“That is something which will heal now he’s out but it must have been quite an ordeal for him. We think he’s deaf, which probably means he has some English bull terrier in him.”

Anyone with information can contact the RSPCA on 0300 1238018.