£11million to be spent on county roads and pavements - tell us how you think it should be spent

More than £11 million is set to be spent on much needed improvements to our roads this year.

Wednesday, 22nd March 2017, 11:36 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:40 am
POTHOLES (NEWS) MRW 16/4/2014 Potholes ! Mill Road in Waterlooville - very dangerous potholes litter the length of the road Picture: Malcolm Wells (141158-8927) PPP-140416-192808003

Bucks County Council revealed on Tuesday that although specific roads are yet to be confirmed, it has ringfenced cash to improve beleaguered infrastructure.

The authority also said that pavements maintenance will be included in the project, which will hopefully bring someblessed relief for residents on some of our older housing estates. Work is expected to start in April, once a schedule has been finalised.

The council says that it has invested £90 million in the county’s infrastructure since 2011 on road surfacing to improve, maintain, and prolong the life and condition of Buckinghamshire’s network.

But residents of the Aylesbury Vale regularly get in touch with this newspaper to complain about potholes and pavement cracks – and this newspaper will be your eyes and ears to lobby for essential works in our area.

Get in touch with the paper to have your say on which roads you think should be improved by emailing [email protected]

Transport cabinet member Mark Shaw said that in addition to the annual maintenance by TfB, the county council is making improvements to the network by developing new roads.

“The multi-million pound investment on maintenance is only part of the overall approach the county council has to continually improving and expanding the essential network of roads we have 
in Buckinghamshire,” said Mr Shaw.

“There are ongoing projects across the county, which are strengthening our network, from the Stocklake link road in Aylesbury to the Beaconsfield relief road, which open up the network a little bit further and relieve some of the pressure on more historic roads. Using funding from central government and from developers, these essential schemes are supporting the growth and development of Buckinghamshire as a whole, as the county expands and more housing is built.”