Art exhibition in memory of uncle

Charlotte Roberts at The Old Gaol.
Charlotte Roberts at The Old Gaol.

An exhibition at Buckingham’s Old Gaol until January 23 is in memory of John Roberts, the former manager of the Old Gaol, who died from bowel cancer last year.

The exhibition is by his niece 20-year-old, Charlotte Roberts, from Buckingham, who is studying fine art at Northampton University.

Mr Roberts was manager of the Old Gaol for about 15 years, and set up many initiatives within the museum such as school visits, children’s parties, Spook Nights and ghost hunt visits.

The exhibition, which highlights some of Charlotte’s work from the last two years. includes photographs, sculpture and sketches.

Charlotte said: “I wanted to host this exhibition of my work in memory of my uncle, John Roberts, as he meant so much to me and he was always interested in my work.

“I have many distinct memories of him at the Old Gaol so it was a perfect venue for this.

“This exhibition shows a range of my work that crosses over two years of my studies,

“My work is about deconstruction within art, the altering of pre-existing objects, and have now settled on the exploration of the physical structure of old books.”

Donations in aid of Cancer Research can be placed in a tin at the exhibition..