Autumn concert for churchyard wall

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There will be a night of folk and country music to help save a listed wall in Great Horwood next month.

Villagers are aiming raise £4,500 to repair the listed West End churchyard wall and have planned an acoustic music night which will be packed with well known tunes.

The night has been organised by the family of Ron Elmes who is buried in the churchyard.

Daughter, musician and co-organiser Jenny Murray said: “There was no Milton Keynes when we were little, there was nowhere to go, so all the kids in Great Horwood used to play in the churchyard, it’s where we all grew up.”

The autumn concert will be a relaxed, informal event and Jenny will open the entertainment at 7pm on Saturday. October 5, in St James Church.

Tickets cost £10 for adults, £5 for children and includes light refreshments. Contact 07800 634017 or 01296 713853.

Sponsor forms for a buy a brick scheme for the wall are available in the church.