AVDC debates final budget

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Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) cabinet will consider its final budget recommendations on Tuesday, January 15.

The council’s core funding from central government for 2013/14 will be £7.3 million, a reduction of 9.4 per cent on 2012/13.

Cabinet member for resources, Neil Blake, said: “We were expecting bad news, and bad news is what we got. In a nutshell we have lost about £800,000 in core funding in 2013/14.

“Since 2010/11, we have now lost, or will lose, over £4.6 million of our annual grant funding.

“This is approaching 40 per cent and we know there is worse to come.

“This means that since 2010/11 the government has reduced its funding for council services by £68 for every household. We have managed to replace this lost income with efficiency measures, savings and additional income, but with government reductions forecast to continue, the challenge becomes harder every year. Our focus will be on maintaining frontline services and being more efficient in the way we deliver services.”

Final budget recommendations will go to full council for ratification on February 6.