'Awful' proposal for 75 new homes in Tingewick rejected by planning inspector

Sajid Javid is the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
Sajid Javid is the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

The planning inspectorate have hammered a final nail into plans for 75 new homes in Tingewick, rejecting the developers latest appeal.

Gladman Developments first submitted plans for new houses on Water Stratford Road in October 16.

Following an inquest in November, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government ruled the homes could not go ahead on January 4, arguing that the proposal would have a detrimental effect on the ‘character and appearance’ of the area.

Tingewick resident Nick Moody said: “Most people were concerned about the implications of the site being located there, that it was out of the village boundary and it was going to put considerably more traffic onto the Water Stratford road which would feed down to the high street - which is already pretty congested.

“What's interesting is the resources that Gladman can throw at this, with big files of data and evidence.

“Once it gets to this appeal level it's quite difficult for your average person to go along with this stuff, the debate can get pretty complicated at times. I think there are some pretty important lessons that come out of this”

County Cllr Charlie Clare said: “I was delighted to speak at the Gladman enquiry and support the excellent work that was done by Sara Churchfield and the Tingewick Parish Council.

“This was an awful planning application that disrespected both geography of the village and it’s community. There are good and bad housing plans, this was an awful one, and I’m grateful that the planning process threw it out.”

Tingewick Parish Council objections stated: “We calculate that, of 29 villages within a 6-mile radius of Buckingham, Tingewick has by far the most new dwellings approved: 29% of the new builds of all these villages combined, second only to Buckingham itself.

“Yet we have received no promises of additional infrastructure: no road improvements, no additional public transport ,school places, medical facilities or any other basic facilities for such a rapidly growing community.”

Buckingham town cllr Jon Harvey said: “I am glad that common sense has prevailed and the views of the public were listened to closely. It is also helpful that, in the course of the review of this application, AVDC revealed the dramatically rising need for affordable and social housing in our area.

“I earnestly hope this persuades the Planning Inspector currently looking at the draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan to increase the planning requirement for new build estates from 25 to 35% in a revised plan - so that it matches the threshold in our referendum approved Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan.”