Aylesbury cheerleaders hit winning streak ahead of major tournament in America

Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy (ACA), who in two weeks time will take a team to compete in a major international tournament in America, have had the ideal preparation by winning in Paris and Milton Keynes.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 2:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 3:02 pm
Team Apollo, of The Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy, in Milton Keynes

Back in July, Team Apollo, consisting of 20 girls, qualified in the Junior Level Two (ages 10-16) category for the All-Star Cheerleading competition, called The Summit, held at ESPN Walt Disney World on 2 May.

However ACA have been keeping themselves busy. In March they took two squads to Disneyland Paris to compete in the Future Cheer, Bring It On in Paris competition.

Both Team Rockstars (youth team, ages 7 - 11 years) and Team Rise (senior team ages 12 - 18 years) won their division with the Senior team going on to be crowned Grand Champions – an accolade awarded to the best team across all divisions.

Team Apollo, of The Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy, in Milton Keynes

More recently Team Apollo competed at Future Cheer, Adventure in Atlantis, in Milton Keynes - their last competition in the UK before they head out to America.

To round-off a perfect build-up for America, Team Apollo won a tough division and were once again crowned Grand Champions.

Team Dad, Tim Salt, said:

“We are so very proud of this group of athletes, they have an exceptional dedication to training and have developed to become a close team with full trust in each other - needed when you are flying across the mat. The opportunity to travel to America to compete on the world stage is something very special and the parents travelling with them will be full of voice when they hit the mat. We cannot wait to get on the plane now!”

Aylesbury Cheerleaders in Disneyland Paris parade

All-Star Cheerleading is a highly competitive sport, and not perhaps what many people may envisage when they think of cheerleading. It takes place in a gymnasium – not at the side of a sports field.

Parent Nina Lewis said:

“It is a very demanding sport which requires physical strength, trust in your teammates, endless hours in the gym, dedication and commitment.”

We look forward to following the team's progress in America and reporting on how they get on.

Aylesbury cheerleaders in full flight