Baby boy saved by seatbelt in car crash

The Fiat Punto was carrying the baby on the M40
The Fiat Punto was carrying the baby on the M40

A one-year-old boy was rescued from a car that rolled over on the motorway and a fire chief says the child seatbelt saved his life.

The Fiat Punto overturned on the M40 but the woman driving, a male passenger and the baby all escaped without injury.

It happened a mile from junction 10 near Bicester shortly after 5pm yesterday evening, Monday.

Three fire crews from Banbury and Deddington rushed to the scene where a passing doctor helped assess any injuries before an ambulance arrived.

The male passenger was able to free himself and the baby boy, both uninjured, but the woman had to be cut out of the car.

She was freed by firefighters who sliced off the roof and doors of the car before releasing her with a spine board.

Incident commander Kerry Blair, Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service’s fire risk manager, said: “This collision could have had a fatal outcome if all of the vehicle’s occupants were not wearing seatbelts.

“Children are particularly vulnerable in road traffic collisions and if the child seat in question had not been fitted correctly on this occasion then things could have been very different,

“This incident should act as a reminder to everybody, regardless of the length of a journey, that it is absolutely essential to wear a seatbelt and ensure that a child’s car seat is correctly fitted.

“People could risk serious injury or even death if they act against this advice.

“Children can be thrown forward at great force during a road traffic collision, which could seriously injure or kill them or other passengers.

“Many retailers offer a car seat fitting service and I cannot recommend highly enough to people that they should take advantage of such a service.”