Back to school for town’s firefighters

Firefighter studying at the Royal Latin School
Firefighter studying at the Royal Latin School

It has been ‘back to school’ for Buckingham’s firefighters, with science lessons in the Royal Latin School’s new state-of-the-art Discovery Centre in a bid to gain vocational qualifications.

Crew commander Kieron Thomas, of Buckingham Fire Station, was looking for a way of gaining support for the IFE (Institute of Fire Engineering) Fire Science examination, and also wanted to make this available to his colleagues.

So he approached the Royal Latin School to see if there was any scope for some partnership working.

Following Kieron’s approach, the school was soon able to put together a programme of teaching sessions for a group of 15 firefighters.

Headteacher David Hudson said: “I am very pleased to be able to help our local firefighters.

“It is this sort of community project which works so well in the Discovery Centre.”

Kieron said “I am eternally grateful to Mr Hudson and his team for facilitating this.

“As hard as it is ‘going back to school’, attendees, including myself, are finding the sessions and tutoring a massive benefit and hope this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship.”

Teaching sessions take place every fortnight in the Lillingstone Trust Community Lab, with physics teacher David Gregory providing the scientific expertise.

Mr Gregory said : “Supporting the fire service in learning some of the more complex physics of their technical qualifications is proving to be a very interesting community venture.

“We have applied concepts such as projectile motion and fluid dynamics to real-life scenarios.

“It has been a real pleasure to feel that we are making a difference.”