Bank on late opening hours at new uni branch

New bank opening soon
New bank opening soon

Customers of a new bank that’s due to open in town will have the benefit of special late opening hours – thanks to university students

Planning permission has been granted for the branch of Santander, which is due to open its doors in Buckingham in January.

The bank, on the University of Buckingham campus in Hunter Street, will open from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday (Wednesdays 10am to 5pm) to cater for the student clientele.

There will be two new cash points – one inside the new branch and the other outside – and all the usual banking services will be available to Buckingham residents as well as students.

The building known as the Beach Hut, opposite Yeomanry House, which is currently home to the university’s marketing department, will house the new bank from January.

Work on converting the building is due to start in two weeks’ time.

Santander is also offering loans ranging from £7,500 to £15,000 to the parents of students at the University of Buckingham.

Buckingham students will be eligible to use a pioneering new Santander card, which acts as a student identity card as well as a cash card.

Only one other university in the country, Roehampton, has the new Santander card.

Head of marketing Julian Lovelock said: “The university is delighted that Santander will be providing this new facility for our students and also another link between the university and the town.”

A programme of scholarships and internships with the university was launched last year as part of a partnership agreement with Santander, through its Santander Universities Global Division.

The focus is on international exchange, entrepreneurial activities and international travel grants for students and researchers to go to universities in any of the 20 countries where Santander has higher education partners.

In addition, the scheme offers a number of three-month paid internships to students or recent graduates of the University of Buckingham to work in a small or medium-sized business.

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