‘Beach hat was like a bowl of fruit...’

Karen Jane
Karen Jane

LAST year Káren Jane decided to take the bold step of opening an interiors and home furnishings shop in a pretty converted barn within the grounds of the Bell Plantation Garden Centre in Towcester.

A qualified interior designer and floral artist, Káren’s shop has been well received in the community, and wider, with clients coming from as far afield as Devon and Scotland to visit her.

We caught up with her to find out her style...

Finish this sentence; My Style is...?

Colourful, bright, smart, fashionable, quirky and unique. I take great pride in my appearance, I am always well groomed and I will not go out until I look right. If I know I am going out, I plan what I will wear a few days before and take care in making sure that I am coordinated.

Tell us about the outfit you are wearing today?

I also sell some ladies clothes and accessories, so when I am working, I like to wear items from ranges I sell in my shop such as the jacket I am wearing today which is a Ness, Isabella jacket, over a pink tee shirt top and Armani jeans. My necklace is from a select collection of jewellery I also sell, but my solid silver bracelet and rings were a present from my partner.

What is your favourite item of clothing and why?

I do have quite a few items that are favourites, including a little Armani jacket that goes with so many different outfits.

When was the last time you feel you looked your best?

I try my best to look and feel good every day. If I think I look good, then I feel good.

Who influences your style?

Although I am interested in fashion trends, I like to think that I have a style of my own. I look for unique and often quirky items of clothing, often from little known designers.

Are there any items of clothing you’ve kept from your fashion past?

Yes, a little Missoni jumper, a Nicole Farhi suit and my favourite Armani jacket. I also still have some items that I really should have thrown away years ago.

What is the most you’ve ever spent on an item of clothing?

More than I dare say, but I am very fortunate in that the most expensive items of clothing I have in my wardrobe have been given to me as presents.

What has been your biggest fashion mistake to date?

I think it was a beach hat I bought on holiday many years ago, my family and friends said it looked like a bowl of fruit perched on my head, so it went straight in the bin.

Visit Káren Jane Interiors, Bell Plantation Garden Centre, Watling Street, Towcester or call 01327 354707.