Bicester news: Anglo Saxon skeletons to be reburied at church

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RECENTLY unearthed ancient remains thought to date from Anglo Saxon times are soon to be returned to the church where they were found.

Archaeologists carrying out preliminary studies for a project to build a new community centre next to the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Bicester discovered 12 sets of remains, with seven or eight complete skeletons, believed to date from around 850 to 950AD, in January.

The church car park, the site of the new community centre, was originally built over a burial ground thought to be linked to a former Saxon minster located near St Edburg’s Church.

The Saxon cemetery was originally thought to be west of the development, but excavations have revealed the cemetery extending further east.

Three almost-intact skeletons were returned to the church for display on Monday morning for the Bicester Local History Society.

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