Bicester news: Rose endeavours to tackle giant jigsaw puzzle

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FOR a woman used to putting things together, Rose Mulvany’s latest endeavour is leaving her rather puzzled...

Mrs Mulvany, of Redwing Close, in Bicester, has started work on a record setting 32,000 piece jigsaw puzzle created by Ravensburger, whose headquarters is based in Bicester.

Having already completed a mammoth 24,000 piece puzzle, which took her around five months, Mrs Mulvany, has embarked on her latest project with relish.

The puzzle, when completed, will be six feet high and five-and-a-half metres wide. Called Double Retrospect, it features 32 different images by American artist Keith Haring.

It is supplied in a large box, weighing in at 17kg, with its own trolley.

Mrs Mulvany, 64, started doing jigsaw puzzles as a form of escapism and therapy and when the 24,000 piece puzzle came out, she was hooked.

She said: “The one I’m working on now is very hard. There are just two or three colours in each square so you try each piece one by one to see if it will fit. I love doing it - it is challenging and exciting.

“My husband said to me, ‘I bet you are happy when you put in the last piece,’ but I’m usually disappointed because it is finished.”

Mrs Mulvany started the puzzle on January 14 and spends around six hours a day on it. So far, she has put around 2,500 pieces in their place.

Each group of four pictures is put together on a separate board as the puzzle is too big to put together on one. Mrs Mulvany hopes to put the puzzle together as one once all the sections are finished.

She first heard about the puzzle through the Official UK Jigsaw Puzzle Club, of which she is a member.