Bicester’s St David’s Barracks is spared in Army base review

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St David’s Barracks in Bicester has been spared in a UK review of the Army’s permanent bases, it was announced this week.

The news came as details of new bases and accommodation were set out in the new Army Basing Plan.

Troops from 1 Close Support Regiment, who are returning from Germany, will move into St David’s Barracks in Bicester to replace 23 Pioneer Regiment.

The move is expected to be completed by 2016.

The 241 Signal Squadron is also due to move into St David’s Barracks next year.

New buildings could be created or old ones refurbished to provide specialist facilities for the incoming troops.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: “By setting out our plans to bring troops back to the UK we are not only providing our service personnel and their families with greater stability for their future but also generating a saving of around £240million a year in operational running costs.

“We are also going to invest an additional £1.8 billion in our new basing plan, providing investment around the country, crucial jobs for local economies and the best possible accommodation for our soldiers and their families.

“This work also supports and enables the Army 2020 structure, announced last year, which will ensure that the British Army remains the most capable Army in its class, adaptable and ready to meet the security challenges of the next decade and beyond.”

At Abingdon’s Dalton Barracks, the 12 Logistic Support Regiment will disband and 3 Logistic Support Regiment will move out, to be replaced by 27 Theatre Logistic Regiment from Aldershot.