Blitz will clear ‘several tonnes of rubbish’

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Litter, graffiti and dog mess will be targeted as part of a five-day neighbourhood blitz.

Southwold in Bicester will be visited by Cherwell District Council’s green team who will tidy the estate and host a recycling roadshow.

Families will also be able to take advantage of free bulky waste collections.

It will be the council’s fifth blitz this year after a Langford Village blitz in June and three cleanup operations in Banbury.

Tony Ilott, lead member for clean and green, said: “Over a five-day period we are expecting several tonnes of rubbish to be cleared from Southwold’s streets, verges and open spaces which will significantly improve the area for residents.

“We would urge locals to show their support and appreciation by not only utilising this offer of a free bulky waste collection service and recycling roadshow, but also by maintaining the cleanliness of Southwold once the blitz is over.”

The Southwold blitz takes place from Monday to Friday, October 20 to 24, and the roadshow will be on Wednesday, October 22, at the Southwold Shops in Holm Way from 3pm to 5.30pm.

For more information on the blitz or the bulky waste service, go to