Bollywood comes to Silverstone

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PUPILS at Silverstone Junior School swapped Biology for Bollywood when dancer Shona Shah visited them.

Shona, from Milton Keynes, wowed the youngsters with a display of dancing that, according to teacher Tara Jones, ‘enhanced’ the children’s learning.

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Ms Jones said: “Shona Shah is an excellent dancer, she is inspirational and a fantastic teacher.

“Her skills and commanding presence amaze me as she is so young.

“This opportunity and experience has really enhanced the topic that the children have been learning. They also have the chance to be immersed in a culture very different from their own.

“The children have all come up to me and said how much they enjoyed the experience.”

Shona, 14, added: “I really enjoyed teaching the children of Silverstone Junior School Bollywood dancing.

“The children are very enthusiastic. As they already had a little insight into Bollywood dancing, by constructing their own piece it was great to see their faces light up as they recognised some moves when I was teaching them.

“I always love teaching at Silverstone which is now an annual event for me, this being my third time there.”