Brackley group joins Freecycle network growth

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A NETWORK which encourages people to give away or swap their unwanted items for free has expanded into Brackley.

Freecycle is a movement which formed in Tucson, Arizona, in the US in 2003 which aims to match people with items they want to get rid of with people who need or can use them.

There are more than 4,000 Freecycle groups worldwide including ones in Buckingham, Towcester and Bicester. The network is designed to keep good items out of landfill and provide a means for people to get needed items for nothing.

Now one has been formed in Brackley by town resident Katie Walsh.

The group has just started and already has 44 members. There are a wide variety of items available including a decorative fire surround, a headboard, a silver ring and a silver snake chain bracelet. People can also post if they want a particular item.

Speaking to the Advertiser and Review, Mrs Walsh, a

regular Freecycle user, said she set up the site at the beginning of May after noticing a large number of Brackley residents were regulars on other Freecycle groups.

She said: “I have been using Freecycle for years and it is a really good resource for giving away things that can possibly be used by someone else - it saves filling up landfill sites.

“I regularly visit the Brackley Gossip Girls Facebook group and quite a few from there have joined my Freecycle group.”

Items Mrs Walsh has bought from Freecycle have included a printer and baby clothes.

“The type of stuff which goes through Freecycle is amazing,” she said. “I have seen everything from gardening rubble to sofa beds to fridge freezers. It is all stuff that would have normally have gone to landfill.”

To access the Brackley group’s page, visit