Bright idea could help with problem crossing

The zebra crossing in Winslow High Street near Cantell's.'120315M-B327
The zebra crossing in Winslow High Street near Cantell's.'120315M-B327
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A WINSLOW resident has said a zebra crossing in the town is dangerous and it would be safer to have it removed.

Terry Capstick, from Park Road, told this month’s meeting of Winslow Town Council he felt the zebra crossing near Cantells on Winslow High Street was in the wrong place and badly lit.

He said: “I think you ought to put even more pressure on Bucks County Council to improve the lighting and paint the lines again. I think the issue is that zebra crossing is actually in a dip. I think it would be safer not to have a crossing there.”

Town councillors agreed there is a problem with the crossing.

Mayor of Winslow Llew Monger said the town council had been trying to get improved lighting on it for years, in the form of ‘halo’ lights, which have a circle of tiny LED bulbs around the belisha beacon.

He said: “I went to the first test of the halo light in the county, and it was on that crossing.”

Mr Monger told the Advertiser he attended the trial in 2009 with the then Mayor of Winslow George Langley.

He said: “We saw it demonstrated and it was fantastic.

“The benefit of the LED light is even on a bright sunny day you can see it.

“I went straight back to the town council and got them to agree we would pay 50 per cent of the cost and we ringfenced the money – £3,000.

“But when we got back to the county they said they had decided not to go ahead with it.”

He added: “That crossing is a problem and always has been. Everybody’s aware of it. For whatever reason, it needs more to attract drivers’ attention.

“All the town council can do is bring it to the attention of TfB and offer to help with the cost. And if they don’t have sufficient interest or commitment to do anything about it, there’s nothing we can do.

“The town council will continue to press for improvements including the introduction of that type of lighting.”

TfB did not have anyone available for comment.