Bringing an ancient art to the modern business world

Claire Taylor
Claire Taylor

A Brackley author is committed to teaching businesses the benefits of an ancient art in today’s commercial world.

Claire Taylor is a writer, storyteller, business consultant and co-founder of The Story Mill, an organisation that encourages businesses to use the art of storytelling to communicate effectively, both internally and externally.

Mrs Taylor, aged 47, who has worked as a senior executive for some of the largest healthcare brands, retrained as a storyteller in 2012 after taking a sabbatical.

Last year, she published her book, The Tao Of Storytelling – 30 Ways To Create Empowering Stories To Live By.

She said: “We believe that stories are at the heart of communication. We tell ourselves stories about our world and they affect the way that we feel and act.

“Teams and organisations are made up of individuals who each have their own stories about what’s going on, which in turn affects how they behave and ultimately impacts on the effectiveness of the team and the organisation.

“Stories are what customers tell themselves about our brands and our companies and those stories drive the action they do or don’t take.”

The company helps people use storytelling to deliver presentations more powerfully. Within a business or team, it helps transform culture by identifying negative or conflicting stories held by teams or individuals and setting a new culture based on new, more empowering stories.

It helps businesses build customer loyalty and trust by telling authentic stories.

And it helps individuals recognise their internal stories that may be holding them back and transform them into more empowering narratives.