Bubbles to baubles as home business builds

Vikki Gibbins at her Deanshanger home
Vikki Gibbins at her Deanshanger home

A mum who makes bespoke wedding glasses is branching out to offer unique table plans which hang from a tree.

Vikki Gibbins, 30, set up Little Lovebird so she could create the personalised glitter glasses while looking after Oliver, two, and Elliot, eight.

But after less than a year, she has been nominated for three wedding awards and is now launching an online boutique.

Mrs Gibbins, who has always loved the idea of weddings, said she managed to find a niche in the market.

She said: “It’s nice because you get some really nice feedback and it’s lovely to think we have made that bride’s day – just with a glass.

“It’s special and something they can keep. They like that they are personalised, something a bit different.

“It’s quite a unique service as I think we were the first in the UK to start doing it.”

Mrs Gibbins’ husband Nathan, 33, helps with the marketing of the colourful products from their Deanshanger home.

But she is now launching an online boutique from December to offer tiaras, jewellery, venue decorations and baubles.

The glittery decorations will hang from a tree and tell wedding guests where they are sitting in the dining room.

Little Lovebird is nominated for a British Wedding Award and two UK Wedding Industry Awards.

Visit www.thelittlelovebird.uk