Buckingham businessmen launch broadband petition

The bosses of two IT companies on Buckingham Industrial Park have launched a petition for high-speed broadband on the estate.

Managing director of The Technical Support Department Mike Moyse and director of The PC People David Hall say the lack of high-speed iternet is bad for business and will drive companies away.

Despite a sticker on the BT exchange cabinet at the bottom of the estate claiming “Fibre broadband is here”, they say BT have omitted to provide high-speed broadband through fibre technology to Buckingham Industrial Park, leaving the town’s biggest industrial area with lower speeds than most domestic customers can achieve.

The campaigners say many other business estates across the country are being left behind in the government’s drive to deliver superfast broadband to 90 per cent of households in the UK.

And they want people to sign a petition, which they will present to Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC).

Mr Moyse said: “High-bandwidth broadband is the lifeblood of the modern business. If businesses can’t get good connectivity on this estate, they will be forced to move where they can get it.

“Equally businesses may choose not to relocate here and as a result Buckingham will lose out.”

Mr Hall said: “It is really starting to cause real issues for us and our clients.

“As we move more of our clients’ services to the cloud, the lack of high-speed internet becomes a real problem.

“Something needs to be done or else it will hamper the ability for these companies to grow.”

The pair have enlisted the support of district councillor for Buckingham South Howard Mordue.

Mr Mordue said: “The government Public Accounts Committee is due to report this autumn on the rollout by the body set up to deliver broadband, Broadband Delivery UK, and the effect of only BT being left as the sole supplier.

“It is a regrettable situation that the targets for delivery are aimed at residential rather than commercial premises.

“While residential premises may get in excess of 35Mbps, businesses near the BT box only get 12Mbps. It is businesses that depend on high-speed broadband.

“The AVDC broadband map produced by Connected Counties, which is the Bucks and Herts broadband access scheme, hides the reality that properties on industrial estates are not sufficient in number, or have enough votes, to be commercially viable for broadband delivery companies.”

Sign the petition via links at www.thepcpeople.co.uk or www.ttsd.co.uk