Buckingham comes together to support Oliday

The Woolpack pub in Buckingham turns purple to support Oliday
The Woolpack pub in Buckingham turns purple to support Oliday

Buckingham united in a very special way on Saturday April 7 for Oli Hilsdon.

As part of continued community efforts to raise £230,000 so Oli, 26, can have a vaccine to help in his fight against a brain tumour, businesses across the town turned purple and agreed to donate a percentage of their sales from the day to his fund.

In total, the nine participating businesses raised £1,038.95 with more still to come as Harolds Opticians and Pregos are extending their efforts beyond the main day.

Organiser Sarah Henderson said: “I am very pleased and cannot believe how much the participating stores and the community got behind the event.

“I know many people who went out specifically because it was Oliday.

“The Woolpack and The Kings Head decorated the pubs with purple fabric and Dandy Lions had purple balloons - all above and beyond what was asked of them.

“I feel honoured to be part of such a caring community and would like to thank everyone who participated - the owners of each outlet and everyone who spent in town.

“It’s not just the financial outcome that makes such a difference but the support means so much to Oli and his family.

“As it said on the posters - together we can make a difference... and we did.”

Oli’s mum Jayne posted an update on the Go Fund Me page following news of the success of Oliday.

She wrote: “The total of offline donations is £24,553.90.

“This means you wonderful people have raised £70582.90 in total which is almost 30% of the full amount needed for Oli’s treatment.

“We now have enough to get the first vaccine made when Oli gets to the top of the waiting list.

“Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the events you have organised and all the ideas and donations.

“We could not have done this without you.

“I know we will raise this huge amount so Oli can get the full course of vaccines required to give him a future.

“Thank you all for supporting us in whatever way you have done so.”

The businesses that participated in Oliday were Villiers, Vibins, Dandy Lions, Nimble Thimble, The King’s Head, The Woolpack, Harold Opticians, Buckingham Tea Room and Pregos.