Buckingham councillors need more information before they sign off on 400 new homes

400 new homes on Tingewick road were approved in January 2017
400 new homes on Tingewick road were approved in January 2017

Buckingham has been left in limbo over contested plans for 400 new homes to the west of the town, with the town council delaying further decisions until they get more information from the developer.

Speaking at a full council meeting on January 22, planning committee chairman Cllr Mark Cole explained what needs to be done before the council can sign off on the plans

He said: “Planning permission for land north of A421, Tingewick road, for 400 houses, was approved a year ago this week, January 25.

“A year later, we are still missing about 50% of the documents we need to make any reasoned decision. They haven’t appeared on the planning portal.

“The proposals are for 260 private and 140 affordable houses, which meets our criteria of 35% affordable housing, it’s where we want the houses and it’s what we want but we can’t make any reasoned decision because the design statement and design code and not yet been posted.”

Councillors are keen to determine what specific features in the proposal, like ‘green lanes’, actually refer to, and they want to know more about small details, like how the kerbs will look.

Cllr Cole said that, with the current level of detail, the town are looking at a ‘Lace Hill disaster.’

He added that the density of houses on the proposed estate is 35 dwellings per hectare, on Lace Hill the figure is 32.6.

Cllr Stuchbury said: “ If we don’t say what we need to say about this application, we’ll have another community liek lace hill who probably see the council in a bad light, wondering why nobody managed to stop these problems before."

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