Buckingham fisherman in dramatic river rescue

Emergency call
Emergency call

A Buckingham fisherman has been hailed as a potential lifesaver after rescuing an elderly couple from the River Thames.

According to reports from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service, Roy Walker was fishing with Mark Seagroatt of Swindon near Days Lock at Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire, at 5.55pm on Sunday when they heard shouts for help from the couple, aged 69 and 70.

They found the woman in the river with her husband trying to keep her above the water.

It is believed the woman had fallen into the water and become trapped between her boat and a steep river bank.

Incident commander Jon Walker from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said “We would like to thank Roy Walker and Mark Seagroatt for their quick thinking and prompt intervention to rescue the two people from the river”.

Fire crews were joined at the scene by police and amnulance staff, all of whom had to run more than a mile across fields to reach the scene.

An air ambulance was also called to the scene, with medics checking the couple at the riverside before delcaring they did not require further medical attention.

John Walker added: “This outcome could have been far worse, but due to the prompt attendance and joint working between all three emergency services and the public a tragedy was avoided”.

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