Buckingham mayor Mike Smith’s New Year message

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Mayor Mike Smith and mayoress Margie wish everyone living and working in Buckingham a very happy festive season, and hope that 2012 brings good fortune and success to all.

Times are far from easy. Every week sees something going up in price, and unemployment in the Vale is creeping up. Nevertheless, we are sure that Buckingham folk did, in their customary way, put that behind them for a few days and enjoy the seasonal holiday. Not everyone has family or friends to enjoy Christmas with, so could I warmly thank those who put some time and effort into bringing the spirit of the season to those less fortunate than most of us.

Our local shops were brimming with goodies so we hope that, like us, you obtained most of your Christmas presents and consumables locally. Please continue to support our local shops during the months ahead.

The period after Christmas can be a bit depressing, but your town council has its usual repertoire of goodies to give you something to look forward to. There’s our Comedy Club with Miles Jupp on January 29. The MK Dons Buckingham Big Day match on February 18 offers tickets at much reduced prices for those with MK18 post codes, and even greater savings can be made by groups.

2012 also sees the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. As part of the festivities planned for early June, we are planning to be one of the Beacon sites, so look out for announcements about a bit of a celebration in Bourton Park. Why not plan a street party with your neighbours, or join one of the organised events that we know are being planned? And on top of that, the Olympic Torch will pass through Buckingham on June 9.

Yes, times are a bit hard – but there’s also plenty to smile about. I hope you have a peaceful, prosperous and happy New Year.