Buckingham's railway walk may be turned into a right of way

The Railway Walk, Buckingham - photo by Eric Smith
The Railway Walk, Buckingham - photo by Eric Smith

Buckingham Town Council is investigating the possibility of making the path along the old railway track in the town a formal right of way.

In order to apply for the path to be protected as a legal right of way, the town council need to prove that it has been in constant use for at least 20 years.

To help with evidence gathering the council is asking long-term and regular users of the path to fill out an evidence based form detailing their use of the route.

The railway walk is the path along the old railway track – and goes from Tingewick Road to the A421 Southern Bypass.

Councillor Margaret Gateley, chair of the environment committee said: “This path is very important to the local community.

"It provides a safe and pleasant off-road route across the town and is well used by commuters, schoolchildren and dog walkers.

"The town council believe it is essential that its future is protected.

"We have already had a number of helpful residents complete evidence forms but we need as many as possible.

"We are especially keen to hear from long-term bicycle users of the path as we want to ensure that cycle access is protected."

Forms can be downloaded from the Buckingham Town Council website at https://www.buckingham-tc.gov.uk/we-need-you-help-to-establish-a-right-of-way or a hard copy can be picked up by visiting the Buckingham Tourist Information Centre.