Buckingham sisters model at London Fashion Week

Two girls from Buckingham were on the catwalk as part of London Fashion Week last weekend.

Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 4:53 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 4:58 pm
Kaela Moore on the catwalk at the London Fashion Show - photo by Mira Demeter Photography

Sisters Rebecca and Kaela Moore, aged 10 and 16 respectively, were asked for London based fashion designers House of Ikons.

The pair walked for the designer Triple D, and were modelling items from a dancewear range entitled Reflections by Darcey Denney Designs.

Rebecca, ten, who goes to Bourton Meadow Academy, was first to catch the modelling bug.

Kaela Moore headshot - photo by Dani Geddes Photography

Mum Michelle Moore said: "Rebecca has always loved acting, singing and dancing and joined an agency to try her hand at paid modelling and commercials and as a result I joined a Facebook group for parents of child actors.

"She was invited to do a photo shoot and Kaela came along to watch - at the end of the shoot she was asked to join in and caught the modelling bug!"

The sisters had only done one previous catwalk before their appearance at the London Fashion Show - a charity event in 2016 - so this represented a big step up in terms of the scale of the event and the amount of people in the audience.

Kaela, 16m who goes to Furze Down School in Winslow, modelled a brown jumper/hoodie while Rebecca modelled a blue dress - with Sunday's show the first time they had seen their outfits.

Rebecca Moore on the catwalk at the London Fashion Show - photo by Mira Demeter Photography

Michelle added: "We were in touch with the designer prior to the show and we had to send the girls measurements.

"They wanted to know what Kaela would be comfortable wearing as some of the outfits were more revealing than others.

"We had an idea what they would be wearing but until the show it was a surprise."

Kaela's achievements are all the more remarkable as she has spina bifida, a birth defect that causes a gap in the spine and and means those affected require aids to walk long distance.

Rebecca Moore headshot photo - picture by Dani Geddes Photography

She also has hydrocephalus - a condition that causes excessive fluid on the brain and can cause damage to the brain.

Michelle said: "Kaela has been cared for by Great Ormond Street Hospital since birth.

"She has had a total of 29 surgeries over the years and numerous appointments and illnesses all of which have made growing up very difficult for her.

"She wears splints to help her walk but tires easily and often uses her wheelchair.

"The show organisers and the designer she was walking for yesterday made sure she could have her wheelchair backstage and set up her area so Kaela didn't have to walk too far."

The catwalk took place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington.

Michelle said: "I'm very proud of the achievements of both girls.

"They look after each other and they have both increased their confidence."

Kaela said of the experience: "It was really good, even if it was a little bit scary, because there were so many people!"

Rebecca said of the experience: "I really enjoyed it and because I didn't know any of the other children it was lovely to have my sister with me!"