Buckingham Town Council supports 'Tingewick triangle' plans

Councillor Mark Cole, the chairman of Buckingham Town Council's planning committee
Councillor Mark Cole, the chairman of Buckingham Town Council's planning committee

Buckingham Town Council has thrown its support behind amendments to a planning application for up to 400 new homes on Tingewick Road, Buckingham.

An application was first submitted in December 2017 to provide up to 400 residential dwellings (including affordable housing), open space including play areas and sports and related recreational facilities, landscaping, new vehicular and pedestrian accesses, engineering (including ground modelling) works, infrastructure works (including drainage works and utilities provision) and demolition (including site reclamation), car parking and lighting on land to the north of the A421.

A town council statement said: "We welcome the recent changes made to the detailed plans for the Tingewick site in consultation with Design South East.

"This was a site designated for housing in the neighbourhood plan, and the developers had met and consulted with the town council at all stages, gradually refining the outline plan to suit Buckingham styles and other consultees requirements.

"We agreed no objections to the revisions, noting that not all consultees had responded yet.

"We also stipulated that all houses had to have telecoms connections before occupation."

The council explained that the changes to the Tingewick planning application were 'minor planning details' which included the location of the play area, a slight reduction in the overall number of properties and the spread and appearance of the properties.

A spokesperson for developers Barratt David Wilson said: “We are delighted by the decision of Buckingham Town Council and grateful for the contributions they have made towards ensuring this development really reflects Buckingham and offers the type and style of housing local residents want”.

The chair of Buckingham Town Council's planning committee Mark Cole said: "Working closely from day one with the developers of the Tingewick Triangle has shown town planning at its best - the Buckingham neighbourhood plan has been respected and we have the housing we want, where we want."

The date that the Tingewick triangle application is to be determined has yet to be announced.