Buckingham trader speaks out against parking charges

Jackie Bramham of Clay's, Buckingham.'130815M-C290
Jackie Bramham of Clay's, Buckingham.'130815M-C290

A Buckingham shopkeeper has spoken out on behalf of her customers over the loss of the one-hour free parking at Cornwall’s Meadow car park.

Managing director of Clay’s butchers, Jackie Bramham, said many customers are complaining about the new charge and she fears it could affect trade.

Under the new charging system introduced by Aylesbury Vale District Council in July, motorists now pay 50p for up to three hours in Cornwall’s Meadow, where previously the first hour was free.

At the same time, free parking has been reintroduced at the Western Avenue and Stratford Fields car parks.

Mrs Bramham said: “We are gravely worried. We are worried about the anxiety it’s causing our customers.”

Mrs Bramham, who employs 12 full-time and part-time staff, has written to district councillor Robin Stuchbury to express her concerns.

She said: “I wrote to Robin to protect my staff. It’s my responsibility to know they go home and they’ve got food on the table.

“When they come to me and say: ‘Jackie, we’ve got to do something,’ I have to listen.”

“There’s a lot of customers who feel it’s only another taxation – that’s how strongly they are feeling.

“I just want what’s fair for my customers.

“You can’t even feed the ducks for free now, you have to pay 50p to feed the ducks.

“We’re quite special in Buckingham. We want to bring more people into the town.

“It’s whether as a little trader you can keep pulling another trick out of the bag.

“And on top of this we have to contend with the news that we have Asda definitely coming to the outskirts of the town, to be followed shortly by Sainsbury’s.”

Buckingham Traders’ Association will be discussing the effects of the new parking charges at their meeting on Monday.