From Buckingham United to Buckingham Street, Gambia: football kit arrives in Africa after 16 month journey

An old football kit donated by Buckingham United Football Club has finally arrived at Buckingham Street FC, a team based in Gunjur, Gambia after being stuck in the lost baggage department at an airport.

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 5:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 7:03 pm
The team from Buckingham Street FC with Buckingham United's old kit

The gesture from Buckingham United came about in May 2017 when they were looking to dispose of unwanted kit and decided to send it to their African namesakes.

The first contact between the clubs came in 2014 as the club's vice-chairman and secretary Adam Bray explains.

He said: "A player from Buckingham Street in Gambia liked our Facebook page and started commenting on our posts.

"We got in contact with him and found out about the team in Gambia that have a very similar name.

"We have been talking regularly about football via social media so in 2017 when we had new sponsors and were looking to get rid of our old kit, we decided to send it to Buckingham Street FC instead."

The kit started its journey in May 2017 however did not arrive at its destination with Buckingham United assuming it had just got lost.

It then arrived on Saturday September 22, and news of its long journey has gone viral with the story being covered by BBC Sport and news websites in Africa.

Adam said: "It has been insane how much interest there has been in this story - it hit the local media in Gambia and has been covered nationally in this country.

"It has helped to strengthen our connection with the team and who knows, at some point in the future we may go and play a game there."

Buckingham Street FC are based in Gunjur in the Kombo South district of West Gambia with an estimated population of 27,000.