Buckingham University boosted by £5m donation

The University of Buckingham is to build a new economics centre after a £5 million donation.

Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 6:00 am
Sir Anthony Seldon

Lord Vinson, entreprenuer and co-founder of the Centre for Policy Studies, has donated the money jointly to the university and the Insitute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

The gift will go towards building The Vinson Centre for the Study of Liberal Economics, and he hopes it will widen the understanding of the constitution of liberty.

Lord Vinson said: “I’m very pleased to make this donation to widen the understanding of the freedoms that are the foundation of our society.

“The University of Buckingham relies on the generosity of donors and I heartily approve of its two-year degrees, its commitment to free thinking and freedom of speech and to its pioneering work in the study of entrepreneurship.”

Alongside hosting undergraduates daily the building will be used as a basis for research collaborations between the IEA and Buckingham, which have maintained a strong relationship since the university was founded in 1976.

Lord Vinson was pleased to strengthen the relationship further.

He said: “The IEA was one of the key forces and guiding spirits behind the foundation of the university.

“The Vinson Centre will cement the relationship between the IEA and University of Buckingham.”

Vice-Chancellor Sir Anthony Seldon was also delighted with the generosity shown.

He said: “The university is deeply grateful to Lord Vinson for his wonderful gift.

“The building, and the undergraduate and research programmes that take place within it, will be at the heart of the University of Buckingham for years to come.

“This is a key part of the university’s fundraising campaign and we very much hope others will be inspired by his example.”

The Vinson Centre will be located on the Santander site. Santander will be relocated elsewhere on the campus.