Bucks Fizz: Make your mind up and join the network

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The first of Bucks Fizz Breakfast Networking Group’s monthly columns

Bucks Fizz Breakfast Networking Group is a friendly, informal and cohesive group whose aim is to promote business while offering support and ideas to members and guests.

The meetings are held fortnightly on Tuesday mornings at the Buckingham Best Western Hotel.

Why do people network? Business referral isn’t just passing business names around. It is getting to know different people within your business community.

Making contact with other businesses in the area opens doors to potential new customers and suppliers while also giving you the chance to observe how they operate and conduct themselves – the same methods could work for your business. Each networking event you attend is a marketing opportunity for your business, not only during the meeting but also subsequently as other people ‘take you with them’.

The format of the meeting takes place around breakfast when each member and guest has the opportunity to speak for one minute about his or her business, followed by a ten minute speaker and then further networking.

Meetings start at 6.45am for 7am and finish around 8.45am in time to get to work. For more information about meetings, members and how to join, visit the website www.bucks-fizz.biz or contact Ann Taylor at info@bucks-fizz.biz

June programme: June 10 – the 10-minute speaker is Ian Payne, from Buckingham, Winslow and District Citizens Advice Bureau.

June 24 – the 10-minute speaker is Jill Townsend from Ibex HR.