Bucks man tried to equip Islamic State terrorists with protective eyewear

Mohammed Saboor and, right, the protective eye wear he tried to supply Islamic State
Mohammed Saboor and, right, the protective eye wear he tried to supply Islamic State

A 24-year-old Buckinghamshire man who entered into an arrangement to provide military equipment to Islamic State terrorists in Syria has been jailed.

Mohammed Saboor, of Burnham Close, High Wycombe, was found guilty at the Old Bailey of offering to provide a pair of ballistic eye goggles designed for the battlefield.

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Humphrey, Head of the South East Counter Terrorism Unit, said: “Saboor entered into the agreement knowing fully what purpose the goggles would be used for.

“Terrorism and support of terrorism is not acceptable in any form.

“We hope this shows that we continue to work tirelessly to tackle the threat posed by terrorism.”

Superintendent Ed McLean, Local police Area Commander for Wycombe said: “Specialist officers work very closely with the community in Wycombe to implement the national Prevent programme. This involves supporting those who may be vulnerable to radicalisation and helping to prevent people from becoming involved in terrorist activity.

“Anyone who has any concerns should contact Thames Valley Police by dialling 101. If you see or hear anything that could be terrorist related, trust your instincts – please call us on 101 or call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.”

His Honour Judge Peter Rook QC, told Saboor: “You have committed a serious offence, you made the arrangement knowing they were going to be used for terrorism on the battlefield.

“You were more than a willing participant for the cause. This particular eyewear is designed for the battlefield, you researched the eyewear and you would have been aware of its utility in military engagement.”