Budget blunder curbs £1 million of road repairs

Mr Pothole Mark Morrell is 'peeved off' about the decision
Mr Pothole Mark Morrell is 'peeved off' about the decision

Families are facing a winter of potholed roads because the overspending county council is scrambling to recover its losses.

Overdue roadworks worth £1 million have been postponed until the spring because Northants County Council has spent £30 million more than budgeted on social services.

The wait will go on for Beaumont Crescent families who will miss out on £110,000 worth of work, due to be carried out next month.

County Councillor for Brackley Jim Broomfield said families living in the road have been waiting for more than five years.

He said: “People are not happy at all. They pay their council taxes and the road is in a terrible state.

“They’ve been waiting for flipping years and now it’s delayed because of mismanagement at the county council.

“They’ve had to make cuts because they’ve just realised it’s all kicking off.”

Brackley Town councillor Mark Morrell thinks some councils are in danger of illegally avoiding roadworks.

Mr Morrell, who campaigns on Twitter and Facebook as Mr Pothole, said: “I think some authorities are getting to the stage where they are not meeting their legal obligations.

“They have a duty so are they really meeting the spirit of the legislation? I was extremely peeved off about Beaumont Crescent.”

Section 41 of the Highways Act says county councils have a ‘duty to maintain highways maintainable at public expense’.

Mr Morrell is meeting shadow transport minister Richard Burden in Westminster on November 18 to share his views.

He thinks transport priorities are wrong and a long-term plan to tackle potholes needs to be agreed.

He said: “We are dying a death of a thousand cuts. You’ve got to wonder why they want to spend so much on HS2 when we can’t maintain our roads.

“Who has got their priorities wrong?

“If you genuinely want to meet me and do something about this, great, but if you are just paying me lip service, don’t’ waste your time or my time.”

Work on two other potholed roads in Kettering and Northampton, along with £85,000 worth of bridge work and £400,000 worth of general preventative work, takes the total cost of deferred maintenance to £1 million.