Budget hints and tips put on by church for families

People will learn how best to manage their finances
People will learn how best to manage their finances

The church is running free sessions to help families keep on top of their finances.

Members of The Source church have had specialist training from Christians Against Poverty to help members of their community budget more effectively.

So people in Brackley, Buckingham and the surrounding area can come along to the sessions to pick up some handy hints and tips.

Money coach Robyn Sones, who will be leading the sessions, said: “We’ve all got to get a bit more savvy about our money to get through these tough times.

“If you know how to save and budget effectively, it can have a hugely positive impact on the whole family.”

The course is open to all ages including students, retirees and families.

The first session is in The Green Room, 6-8 Bridge Street, Brackley, starting at 7.30pm on January 21.

To find out more about the course visit www.capmoneycourse.org and to book your place, phone 07988 71747.