Builder’s family home extension ‘could have collapsed’

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A builder has been fined £3,250 for breaching building regulations after his extension was found to be unstable.

Steve Ward, of Steve Ward Construction based in Station Road, Mursley, was building a two-storey extension - including a family room, study and two bedrooms - at a home in Diblocks Orchard in Ivinghoe Aston.

But he was found to have dug foundations to ‘differing and inadequate depths’ and the walls had been built on ‘hard-core infill rather than the foundation block’.

A spokesman for Aylesbury Vale District Council said: “The contraventions had severe impacts upon the stability of the extension which, if not corrected, could have resulted in structural collapse.

“The owners have since demolished the extension.”

Ward pleaded guilty to two offences relating to work that was carried out on the home.

He was fined £3,250 for the offences and ordered to pay £2,178 in costs by Aylesbury Magistrates’ Court.

Building control manager Adam Heeley said: “The Building Act is there to protect members of the public and to ensure that buildings and alterations made to buildings are carried out safely and where the work is carried out so poorly as to cause a very real danger that appropriate action is taken.”