A passion for linen and quality

Beverley Capocci of Zia B,Buckingham.'111214M-B366
Beverley Capocci of Zia B,Buckingham.'111214M-B366

A SHOPKEEPER is hoping to carve out a niche of her own with a retro style and a modern twist at her new linen shop in Buckingham.

On Thursday, December 1 Beverley Capocci from Nash launched the Zia B quality linen store in Well Street.

In 2008, after taking early retirement from her career as an administration and finance manager for an American firm, Mrs Capocci decided she want to find a way to do something she really cared about.

She said: “It was most certainly not a career, but I’d always had an interest in beautiful linen.

“I used to be a Saturday girl for a group of shops specialising in bed linen and I have always loved beautiful homes.

“I suppose it goes back to an era when we had time to think about these things and when we were limited on what we could purchase, you had to find something that was going to last and something that gave that feeling of homeliness.”

While at its core Zia B has a retro style Mrs Capocci aims for her products to have a modern twist and will bring forward unknown designers She currently stocks a range of vintage chairs restored by Couchi Couchi in Whaddon.

The attractive store is presented as home ready to move into; as well as bed linens the ground features fragrances, soaps and chandeliers, while the first floor is focused on bedroom linen and towels.

She added: “Customer service is paramount, it’s the first and foremost thing you have to have. You’ve got to know your customer and listen to them in order to serve them and sell them what they want.

“But at the end of the day we are selling a life style and we fill the shop with things we love. And hopefully we present them in such away people will see them in their own homes.”

Mrs Capocci is also enthusiastic about the location of the her business. Zia B fills the gap left when At Home moved a few yards up the road.

She added: “I think At Home really put Well Street on the map, made it a real destination for people.

“And Buckingham is a lovely town with a real myriad of retailers and this corner of Well Street is becoming really bijou collection of shops.”