Aerospace firm reaches for the skies with new contract

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An aerospace company with offices on the Buckingham Industrial Estate has secured a contract with Rolls-Royce in the same week it has received key EU funding.

Sigma Components, a manufacturer of components and fixings for the aerospace sector, has signed a long term agreement with Rolls-Royce to supply rigid pipe assemblies, which are used to transport oil, fuel or air throughout the airframe and engine of an aircraft.

The contract, which is valued at £100 million, will see work carried out across the company’s UK manufacturing facilities in Buckingham, Derby, Farnborough and Hinckley.

Mark Johnson, founder of Sigma Components and managing director of Avingtrans PLC’s aerospace division, said: “We’re delighted to have secured this agreement and look forward to working closely with the team at Rolls-Royce on the programme.”

The company has also been granted €1.8 million from the CleanSky programme to help improve aircrafts’ environmental performance.

Under the 18-month project, which is supported by Rolls-Royce, Sigma engineers will be working in consortium with TWI Ltd in Cambridge to reduce the weight of traditional pipe assemblies.

Mike Andreae, Sigma’s consortium coordinator for the project said: “We’re delighted to be involved with the CleanSky programme, which aligns perfectly with our long-term strategy of developing new technologies.”

CleanSky is an EU-based public-private partnership to develop technologies to improve the environmental performance of aeroplanes and air transport.

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