Anger over Radstone Fields link road

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LOCAL people have blasted recommendations to approve the principle of building 1,000 new homes in Brackley without a link road.

On Thursday, May 19 members of the South Northants Council planning committee will be asked by planning officers to approve the outline application for Radstone Fields.

Members of Brackley Town Council have spoken out against recommendations to approve the plan with out a link road through the Old Sawmills site taking construction away from residential streets. Radstone developers Barrett Strategic and Taylor Wimpey and the Sawmills rights holder Providence Court have been negotiating on who will pay for the link from Northampton Road.

Town councillor Peter Joyce said the people of Brackley will suffer due to an argument between developers and added: “For people living in Radstone Road and Halse Road it is going to be a nightmare. 44 tonne lorries delivering stuff for the next ten years, it’s not going to be pretty.”

Brackley Mayor Chris Blunden said: “It will be very disappointing if that happens but I can appreciate the difficult situation in that the Highways Authority have said it’s OK and they are the authority.

“It show just shows how little time they have for Brackley.”