Bicester to become centre for trade recycling service

The new waste recycling centre at the Willows Business Park.
The new waste recycling centre at the Willows Business Park.

Bicester will launch a new trade waste recycling service in a bid to help small businesses save cash and become more environmentally-

Under a scheme agreed by Cherwell District Council on Monday last week, small businesses in the Bicester, Banbury and Kidlington area will start getting bins to recycle trade waste for the first time.

Councillor Nigel Morris, the council’s lead member for the environment, said: “We have had a small trade waste collection service based on bags of different colours.

“We’ve done that for quite a few years successfully.

“It’s a small service. By way of comparison, South Northants has a much larger waste collection for businesses.

“What we’re trying to do in Bicester will be buying recycling bins.

“We’re hoping to target 30 businesses, small to medium enterprises.

“Charges are yet to be set, but there’s every indication this could be a winner for us at Bicester.”

He said the council had not considered a similar plan in the past due to the now-abolished landfill allowances trading scheme, which allowed local authorities to landfill a certain amount of waste each year.

But with disposal prices now rising towards the £100 per tonne mark, a trade recycling service could save business significant sums compared to standard trade waste disposal services, the council says.

Although charges are yet to be agreed, the council says it should be able to offer favourable rates.

Oxford City Council currently charges businesses £9 to empty a 1,100-litre bin of mixed dry recycling, compared to £17 for landfill waste.