Brazilian has a nose for good business

Sensory Decisions,smells business in Croughton.Daniela Marques Miguel and Kris Osbourne.'110831M-E931
Sensory Decisions,smells business in Croughton.Daniela Marques Miguel and Kris Osbourne.'110831M-E931

A COUPLE in Croughton have grown their smells marketing business 15 per cent each month since launching last year.

Sensory Decisions was set up husband and wife team Kris Osborne and Daniela Marques Miguel and produces scents such a fresh bread, coffee, chocolate and new car smells to help retailers get their customers in to the buying mood.

Mrs Miguel said their growth was a sign of an untapped market and added: “It is not a new idea, but if you try and find room sprays with these kinds of scents you can’t.

“With the amount of investment we have put in you could argue this is a lifestyle business, but we got our investment back in three months.

“It just goes to show that with a fairly small investment you are able to turn money over in a simple and clean business.”

Mr Osbourne said his wife has a particularly over active sense of smell, but Mrs Miguel said while some people have strong visual memories, she has a strong olfactory memory.

She added: “People retrieve memories in different ways, mine is scent. It depends on the smell but they sometimes take me back to my childhood and can be quiet provocative.”

After a few months of research and development, the couple trialled a series of prototypes, selling some on eBay and visiting craft fares with samples. Following positive feedback, they invested in the business and launched online.

Mr Osbourne added “Selling smells online, where people can’t try before they buy. might seem to be a challenge, so we offer a 110 per cent money-back guarantee.

“ We’re close to selling our thousandth unit and have been inundated with positive feedback from satisfied customers.”

Sensory Decisions’ has shipped products to customers in 22 other countries around the world and to household names in the UK.

They have recently added chocolate and cinnamon to the product range and have plans to launch a diffuser option which will be more suitable to commercial customers.

The couple are always adding new ranges to their products with some unusual request including a customer from London who wanted the smell of a British bank note.

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