Campaign to give county super fast internet

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A CAMPAIGN to drag Bucks into the 21st century has been backed by a leading enterprise educator in Buckingham.

This week Nigel Adams, Programme Director of the Business Enterprise honours degree at the University of Buckingham said the campaign to bring superfast broadband to the county was essential to retain the region’s competitiveness.

Mr Adams spoke to Advertiser after Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF) launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of its project to roll out superfast broadband across the county.

Mr Adams said: “Don’t assume that BT will roll out superfast broadband to your home or business, especially if you are a rural area.

“Check your address and phone number on

“If BT doesn’t plan to provide you with superfast broadband, alternatives could be available. BBF wants to encourage communities in and around Buckingham and Winslow to support their campaign.”

To support the campaign follow the @BucksBroadband Twitter profile or like the ‘Better Broadband For Bucks’ Facebook page, Both will issue updates along with the latest developments and will show which areas of the county are now able to receive a superfast connection.

BFF believe the internet is an essential part of everyday life, but estimate there are around 46,000 homes and businesses in the county are without high quality broadband, or in ‘not-spots’ - those with no connectivity at all.

BBF wants a minimum of 90 per cent of homes and businesses to have next-generation superfast broadband, while ensuring the remainder have a connection speeds of at least 2Mb/sec.

BBF also wants the public to post their feelings about their existing broadband speeds.

BBF Chief Executive Stuart Jones, said they were close to securing around £2 million of government funding to introduce high speed broadband, but said supply always follows demand. He is urging homeowners and businesses to show service providers the highspeed broadband is needed in the county, and that they will sign up if new services become available.