Could green energy generation in the hands of Buckingham residents be the way of the future?

solar panels
solar panels
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GREEN energy generation is something Buckingham Town Council should get on board with according to a town councillor.

Jon Harvey has produced a discussion paper which was presented to a meeting of the town council’s environment and property committee on Monday proposing the town council looks into the case for establishing a local ‘power company based upon local renewable sources in order to reduce the town’s carbon footprint and tackle local fuel poverty.’

The report says the company would be wholly owned by the people of Buckingham with the town council possibly being a major shareholder.

Stages could include putting photovoltaic solar energy panels on the community centre roof, supporting households which want to develop their own sustainable fuel supplies, and building a windmill or two on the hills surrounding the town as a basis for power generation in the locality.

The report said: “The vision is to have a local sustainable power generation company that is economically viable such that local people will be able to pay for their electricity from the, to coin a phrase, Buckingham Area Sustainable Electricity Company.”

The issue will be discussed at a future town council meeting.

He said: “Fuel prices have been going up and something needs to be done to tackle fuel poverty. I thought it was something the town council could do. My vision is people may be able to buy from a local company rather than British Gas.”

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